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About Bulverde Report

Our Philosophy
The people who write the articles for the Bulverde Report love our community. Make no mistake, we are not anti-government, or anti-police. Police officers have a difficult job, and most officers are hard working, dedicated professionals.

We love our community. We love living in the Texas Hill Country with old fashioned values and morals.

We don’t like corruption within city government. The way we see it, the City of Bulverde has taken a downhill slide in the last six years or so, and we are sick of it. The residents of Bulverde deserve a better city government.

There are no media outlets, no news outlets that report the things going on in our community. Until Now. The Bulverde Report will give you the facts that our city government doesn’t want you to hear. You can contact the editor with information and tips at ghost@bulverdereport.org

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