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And… TaskForce Lost His Badge

Source – Unverified – requests anonymity

Taskforce, also known as Kevin Walker, also known as Felonius Maximus, has lost his Port Aransas badge. Didn’t see that one coming did we? Or did we predict it? TaskForce Has A New Badge – Yes we did predict it. We even warned Chief Scott Burroughs, but he didn’t listen.

How on earth did this happen you ask? My source tells me that our hero Task Force was up to his old tricks in Port Aransas, dating women and persuading them to loan him $500 for his sick mom, and then he would ghost them. Nothing new or exciting there.

Allegedly…. Officer Walker was arresting a female, and had her handcuffed behind her back. Allegedly, she was not cooperative, and possibly being verbally aggressive toward her portly arresting officer, and then allegedly, the said officer slammed her to the ground (remember, handcuffed behind the back) and allegedly she struck her head on pavement, knocking her (allegedly) unconscious. Then, the handcuffed woman’s husband rushed at Officer Walker and commenced to (allegedly) beating his ass. The husband was also arrested. According to my source, either the husband or the woman or both filed an official complaint to the Aransas Pass Police Department for excessive force.

[Editorial Opinion] When a person is handcuffed, under most conditions, they are no longer a danger or threat to the arresting officer, and additional force against the suspect by the officer is usually found to be unnecessary and excessive. I wasn’t there, and neither were you, so we shouldn’t make assumptions about this case. But if the person who was thrown to the ground gets a good attorney, there could be a civil suit which could open up the city of Port Aransas to civil liability.

I will try to get additional information about this story. If anyone out there can verify any of the details in this developing story, please email me, ghost@bulverdereport.org

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