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Bulverde City Council

The Bulverde city council is currently made up of the following people:

I don’t know these folks. Never met them. They make decisions about what will happen to the city, and how it spends it’s money. I don’t know if they are good people or what the story is. I wonder though… do they know what is going on within City Hall? Do they know that the police department encourages the officers to sit on the highway and write tickets rather than patrol or interact with the community?

Do they know about the style of leadership within the PD and the City Manager office that includes intimidation and threats?

Does the city council ever wonder why there is low morale, and constant employee shortage and high turnover rates within the city? I would love to have a sit down with any city council member and talk about things within the city. I don’t think the citizens of Bulverde are getting great service from the city.

corrupt city of Bulverde
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