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Bulverde SGT Arrested on Prostitution

Bulverde PD Sgt Arrested on Prostitution
Hugo Cesar Ramos

On February 21st, 2019 a sergeant with the Bulverde Police Department was arrested in San Antonio on charges that he solicited an undercover SAPD Officer for sex. Hugo Cesar Ramos, 35 offered the female officer $20 for oral sex. When the officer told Ramos he was under arrest, Ramos took off in his vehicle, resulting in a short police pursuit (and additional charges). Here is the article from San Antonio Express News:

He had been promoted to SERGEANT

Following his arrest, Sgt. Ramos resigned from the Bulverde Police Department. We are being told that Ramos worked for the BPD for 11 years. Ramos’ arrest leaves a black eye on the Bulverde Police Department already beaten image. After years of low morale, high turnover, and suspicious acting officers (like Task Force), one has to question what qualifies as leadership within the department. We already know what Chief Haecker uses to evaluate his officers: the ticket count. Once again at the Bulverde Report, we think that the residents of Bulverde deserve better.

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