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Bulverde Stops Young Lawbreakers

The City of Bulverde is doing it again. They are focusing on things that no city or police department has any business doing. The City Administrator Danny Batts (I call him ‘Throat Beard’) has announced that they have saved the city from two young lawbreakers that had the audacity to sell eggs to neighbors in their Bulverde neighborhood.

NBC Local Affiliate Reports

According to the news report from NBC affiliate News4 San Antonio, two girls aged 10 and 8, received a letter from the City of Bulverde ordering them to stop selling the eggs in Bulverde. According to the girls’ father, Brian Johnson, the girls were learning about responsibility, and making money, earning up to $69 a week selling excess eggs from their backyard chickens.

News 4 contacted the city, but Bulverde City Manager Danny Batts requesting an interview which he denied (no big shock there) and sent them a letter instead, which reads in part: “City staff are bound to investigate complaints of ordinance violations which are presented to us, and to seek compliance with the laws as they are written.”

The letter also mentions a city ordinance which makes it a violation “The selling of chicken eggs or any other animal products produced on the property, from a residentially zoned lot is a violation of city ordinance, regardless of the age of the person conducting the sales.”

Editorial Thoughts

While it may be a violation of city ordinance, it is also true that not every complaint should be investigated or prosecuted. While a kid’s lemonade stand might be technically against a city ordinance or health code, do we REALLY want to be a city that sends police out to shut down a lemonade stand, writing tickets, or taking someone to jail?

Oh wait, this is Bulverde we’re talking about. Where the City Council overlooks little things, like when officers are caught visiting girlfriends on duty, or when the Chief of Police loses cases where his family is involved, or double dipping off duty jobs while on the clock for the city. This is the city that is okay with it’s police department sitting on the highway for an entire shift running radar.

This is Bulverde. In this writer’s opinion, the most corrupt and inept city in South Texas. So Bulverde will target these two girls, and ignore criminal activity going on in the city, like the Asian massage parlor that offered more than a massage.

Be sure and thank the members of the Bulverde City Council for protecting our community from these young lawbreakers. Or, if you’d like to email the city manager, Danny Batts and thank him for his work, his email is dbatts@bulverdetx.gov

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