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City Council Member Reads Report

People who read the Bulverde Report have asked me “Does the City Council know about all this stuff?” I can absolutely say YES, at least one of them has read the Bulverde Report. I met with and talked with the Council Member on the phone for some time about the things reported in this blog. The council member had no idea any of this had been going on.

This didn’t surprise me a bit. If you’ve ever been to a Bulverde City Council meeting, the report that our infamous dictator Chief Hacker is filled with happy glorious numbers. “Our ticket count is increasing, the ticket revenue is increasing, reports are down, crime rate is down, and the police department needs more officers!”

He’s not going to tell the council that he targets certain residents for harassment. He’s not going to admit that he promotes officers that write the most tickets, and writes up officers who don’t write the required amount of citations. He’s not going to admit that he works side jobs while he’s also on the clock getting paid by the city.

City Council Member isn’t the ONLY one reading the Report

A few days ago, I was out in public running some errands and happen to overhear someone talking about the notorious Bulverde Police, and how they sit patrol cars in the median of Hwy 281 and run radar and make traffic stops all day rather than patrolling residential streets and watching businesses at night. One of the men said that it was a shame that our police department has become a joke speed trap agency. One of the other men said “have you seen The Bulverde Report?” They all laughed and said “That website calls them out!

I smiled, but at the same time, it was a little sad that our Hill Country community has become such a let down and a joke. The people who live here, deserve better service from our city government. I will continue to “Call Them Out” and point out things that need to be pointed out.

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