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Missing Case File at BPD

missing files from the Corrupt City of Bulverde
Who had their fingers in the Case File?

We are currently working on a new story that once again smells a little fishy, even for Bulverde. And, you are not going to believe who is involved…

We have information that BPD investigated a road rage incident involving the wife of Police Chief Haecker (unconfirmed). In that incident, a man had some sort of road rage back and forth with Tolea Haecker.

Some time after the incident, someone was seen in the Bulverde Municipal Court going through case files (which is illegal). One of the employees of the municipal court noticed this, and said that no one was allowed to go through the files. Pretty soon, the Chief himself got involved, and there was yelling. Within an hour, the Municipal Court Clerk had lost her job and was escorted out of City Hall.

So what was in the case file? We don’t know. It is now missing. We have information that a copy was made prior to the case file disappearing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the information eventually ends up on this website. Unless the Texas Rangers want to borrow it. Developing story…. stay tuned.

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