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Is The Chief Double Dipping?

First let’s begin with the definition: “Double Dipping” is a term that means a person is collecting PAY from two different sources for the same time period.

Let’s say for instance, an officer is scheduled (working for the city) from 7am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Then, after starting work at 7:00, at 7:30, that same chief (oops… I mean officer) goes to a side job, where a school system is paying him for crosswalk duty or just a security presence. Then when the school side job is done, the chief (officer) goes back to his office to continue working for the city. So when all is said and done, he’s being paid from two sources for the same block of time.

I’m sure if the chief is ever questioned on this, he will have a very complicated time sheet, showing him being clocked in, then out, then back in, then out, and back and forth.

Bulverde residents have seen his city car parked in front of Bill Brown last year during the school season. That was an off duty job that he was paid personally by CISD. But again, he would do it during the week when he’s on the clock for the city.

But wait… there’s more. The chief also works side jobs in Timberwood Park area. He works side jobs for the pipeline construction in Blanco, and takes his City of Bulverde PD vehicle.

In today’s climate of police corruption, departments must strive to Avoid Even the Appearance of Impropriety. I don’t know the specifics of how the chief doctors up his timesheet with the city, but as a tax payer, I believe if there are side jobs offering officers money, those side jobs should go to officers who are on their days off.

If this concerns you, feel free to call or write to members of the Bulverde City Council. https://bulverdetx.gov/186/City-Council

Bulverde Chief working off duty on Borgfeld Road
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