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What REALLY Happened to Officer Cat

The answer to this headline is that we don’t “really” know, but we can speculate based on witness information provided to Bulverde Report.

By all information, Officer Catherine was a good officer. She was hired in the Spring of 2018, and moved to the Bulverde area from Virginia. Like all new officers to Bulverde, she was assigned a senior officer to be her field training officer (FTO). There had been no reported problems in her training. She was polite and professional to the citizens of Bulverde, and most importantly, she was proactive in traffic enforcement, which means she wrote the required number of citations.

Near the completion of her training and probation, she was called in to the chief’s office and informed that she was being terminated. She was given the opportunity to give her resignation. (The city is generous like that)

This did not sit well with some of the officers within the department. A few even asked the admin what happened. “She did not fulfill the requirements of her probation.” was the answer they gave.

That sounds like bullshit. That’s the type of explanation that you give a reporter when you don’t want to talk about it.

This next portion of our investigation is unsubstantiated, but seems entirely credible. Although Bulverde Report does not have documented evidence, we’ll leave you to form your own opinion:

The Chief’s Wife: “Get Rid of Her”

According to one source, the reason for Officer Catherine’s early exit came from the Chief of Police’s home. It appears that Chief Haecker’s wife was not pleased with the fact that the Chief had hired a female officer; An attractive female officer. Our source tells us that this created an incredible amount of stress in the Chief’s home life, complete with yelling, screaming, and a demand to “Get Rid of Her!”

“Don’t Discuss this Matter” – Chief Haecker

We do know one fact: Chief Haecker doesn’t want to talk about it, and has threatened any member of his department who discusses it will be terminated immediately. One officer who questioned this action (a 14 year veteran detective) was terminated for being disrespectful to Chief Haecker.

“Committed to Our Community”

The Bulverde Police Department motto is “Committed to Our Community”. We think the community deserves to know the truth, and to hear if this is how the department is run.

Officer Cat terminated from Bulverde
Was it because she’s an attractive female?
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