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TaskForce Has a New Badge

He’s BAAAACCK! Officer Kevin Walker, the former embarrassment of the Bulverde PD, also known as “TaskForce” (see our previous story if you haven’t already) has a new gig, as an officer with the Port Aransas Police Department.

Thanks Chief Haecker

In Walker’s facebook account, he thanks the equally corrupt Bulverde PD Chief Gary Haecker for his help in getting Walker the job.

Corrupt Bulverde PD

We at the Bulverde Report are fairly certain that he wasn’t thanking Hacker for his “Supper”, and we assume he meant “support”.

A message for Scott A. Burroughs

Scott Burroughs is the chief of police at the Port Aransas Texas Police Department. We’re certain that they did a thorough background check on Walker, so they know about him. I’m sure they will be watching for some of TaskForce’s old habits such as:

  • Pretending to be undercover narcotics
  • borrowing large sums of money from friends and co-workers
  • attempting to date women met while working
  • On Duty Booty Calls
  • coming to work late
  • not paying his bills
  • asking local merchants to set up a “tab” so he can get his tobacco products and pay later

Then again…..

He may have changed. Maybe he has his priorities straight, and will be the kind of officer he could be, rather than the officer he was at Bulverde. Good Luck to you Task Force. Congratulations on the new job.

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