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Tension with Comal SO

Although there are many law enforcement agencies in our area (Constables, DPS, Game Wardens, etc) Comal County Sheriff Office usually has 2-4 deputies in the Bulverde area at all times. The Bulverde Report has been told by multiple sources that our police department does not have a good working relationship with the CCSO, and it’s sad because we should be in a partnership type of relationship.

BPD Chief: “Don’t Talk to Them”

Our sources within the BPD tell us that Chief Gary Hacker has made it very clear that he doesn’t want his officers talking to other agencies. They have been told that if CCSO shows up on a scene at a Bulverde call, to tell them they aren’t needed. At the same time, Bulverde Officers have also been warned not to backup CCSO officers when the call isn’t directly within the city. What??

No Backup?

In this day and age, where there are assaults every day on officers, it doesn’t make sense to discourage an agency from backing up another agency.

After speaking with a Bulverde Officer, I’m being told that the problem is with (again) our Chief of Police. Before he came to work in Bulverde, Chief Hacker was a deputy with Comal County Sheriff Office. My sources tell me that he considered himself a ‘lone wolf’ type of officer, and would not associate with other officers.

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