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Throat Beard

The current City Manager of Bulverde is Danny “Throat Beard” Batts. The city has had several managers over the years. Some were very effective, and some were absolute train wrecks.

E.A. Hoppe, by all accounts was a success story. He had great ideas, brought in new business, new development, and he inspired city employees. He was so good, he decided to leave for greener pastures in the summer of 2016.

His successor, “Throat-Beard” Batts has been the aforementioned train wreck. How many city hall employees have worked there for more than a year? One. The city treasurer. That’s it. The entire city hall staff has resigned or been terminated since Throat-Beard Batts has taken charge of the city.

You could ask some of the existing city hall employees what the problem is, but they won’t say. If they utter a single negative word about the city administrator, they are gone. Using fear and intimidation as a style of supervision doesn’t seem to be effective.

You could go to the city hall and try to talk to “Throat Beard”, but the secretary will tell you he’s not there (whether he is or not, he doesn’t want to talk to you)

Some of you might incredulously ask yourself why the city council would tolerate this type of management style for the city. That’s a great question.

corrupt city of Bulverde
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