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Who’s Sitting on the Case?

Bulverde Corruption

Fact: On May 15, 2019, Bulverde Police arrested a female on a charge of Driving While Intoxicated. Since this person had a previous conviction for DWI, she was charged with the Class A Misdemeanor, DWI with Previous Conviction. She was released from Comal County Jail on May 16th after posting bond. Here is the jail record and mug shot:

A year later, members of the defendant’s family inquired with the Comal County District Attorney’s Office about the case, and were told that the case had never been filed.


The family contacted the Bulverde PD and were told that the case was submitted to the DA’s office on July 30th, after the blood draw results were returned to the Bulverde PD. The family contacted Bulverde Chief of Police Gary Hacker and asked him WHY the case had not been filed. The family tells the Bulverde Report that there was no response.

So, who dropped the ball? The District Attorney says they never received the case. Bulverde Police say they submitted the case in July of 2019. To be fair, it could be either… or both.

The story could end there… being a story of someone not keeping track of cases or records, and just being negligent. But there’s a darker aspect of this case.

The defendant has been embattled in a large lawsuit where it is alleged that the defendant defrauded the Small Business Administration, for a large sum of money. Read about the case here:

Is it possible that the defendant coerced individuals in the criminal justice system with a financial contribution to make sure that this case fell through the cracks? Anything is possible if you have someone who is willing to set aside their moral compass for the correct amount of money. Or maybe it was a simple clerical mistake. We will never know.

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